Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Online Shopping at Navabi

from www.navabi.co

Honestly, I get so frustrated with fashion it makes me depressed. Not being able to find great fashion in plus sizes gets me down. Although I have a few local sources for decent basics, I totally rely on Internet shopping to find the styles I really love. A recent find of mine is Navabi. www.navabi.co. Europe is miles ahead of North America in terms of plus size fashion and Navabi represents a lot of the top European brands. I found them just before Christmas, and honestly they make my life so much easier. There is a shipping fee to countries outside of the EU, but if you order over $250.00 that is waived. I always order several items at a time to avoid this fee. I have had to return things, which has been no issue. Return postage is a small price for me to pay for clothes that fit and don't make me feel like grandma. They used to have each garment on live models, but now have them on a mannequin, which I hate...I just can't get a good feel of the style this way. Plus I loved seeing how they paired the clothes and accessorized. I commented on Facebook and they did say that they were going to have new "Outfit Ideas" shortly..so hang in there.

Don't you love that model in the top photo. Plus sized and healthy and gorgeous. Stylishly casual and in clothes that flatter. Here's a couple more looks (below) from Navabi that I love. Here's what strikes me about these clothes. THE FIT. Covers the iffy bits, elongates the torso, shows off good legs in this case, and best of all no low cut, tarty clothes. I find with a lot of plus size, all the designer wants to do is show off the boobs. Yes, curvy girls usually have great cleavage, but it doesn't need to hang out with every outfit. In the coming weeks, I shall show you some of my Navabi fashions.